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One of the many difficulties facing project developers, owners, and investors, is choosing the right team of contactors, designers, engineers, and other professionals.

Foreign investors and developers have the added challenge of not having the relationships or resources to develop a team that has their best interest at heart, who they can trust to manage the planning and delivery off a successful project. Construction is made up of hundreds of individual disciplines, all of which must be carefully integrated while maintaining a vendor neutral approach to sustain objectivity and enhanced service levels. Considerations must be made for a client’s situation, budget, timeline, and requested deliverables.

Rauch Construction provides advisory and management services that address complex construction challenges. Services that are not based on pre-established “best-practices” but that incorporate practical, real world and on-the-ground experiences sourced from our internal team and from our global network of resources. We provide clients with essential expertise in assessing risk, identifying, and managing qualified resources and ensuring that a dynamic and effective construction process is implemented and is governed and maintained by a comprehensive, practical, and fully implemented program.

Program Development

From construction to security or telecommunications projects our team begins by understanding the complexities and nuances of your project. We then design and implement solutions, clear goals, outcomes, and measures that fit your mission, organizational capacity, funding sources and core competencies, transforming ideas into live projects.

Program Management

Analyzing project requirements based on clients’ specifications, developing quality improvement techniques, and reviewing project deliverables, our team works closely with the project team to identify project initiatives and resolve complexities that may arise. They inspect the resources and materials to be utilized during the project and determine cost-reduction processes without compromising quality and efficiency. Coordinating with clients for progress updates and potential plan adjustments, our approach helps clients make better decisions, enable innovation, raise confidence, resolve challenges, and provide long-lasting results.


Rauch’s offers clients private and confidential world class advisory services from skilled, experienced leadership for investment, program, project, or business development including planned or unexpected opportunities. Our team “develops findings, conclusions, and recommendations for a client’s consideration and decision making.

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