Our Case Studies

Our Case Studies

We work with and advise our clients to identify strategies and solutions and help choose and manage qualified service and product providers who are under direct contract to the owner not to Rauch. This approach provides our clients with unbiased and objective advice and management.

Nothing demonstrates our expertise, facilitation, management, team selection and problem solving abilities more than real-world examples.

Our case studies offer you the opportunity to learn more about us and our determination to resolve issues associated with a projects challenges and illustrates how Rauch has risen to the toughest challenges, ensured business success and supported client endeavors worldwide

Investor Case Study – Container Intermodal Distribution (CNY) Center – Phase 1

Rauch Construction was appointed by the client to facilitate the development of a regional intermodal container distribution facility including finance, technology, engineering, design, construction and operations. The strategic location will serve international shippers to and from the US Northeast region of the United States.

Investor Case Study: Marijuana Cultivation & Production Facility

Rauch Construction in partnership with Rauch Organics was appointed by the client to oversee the design, engineering and construction of a marijuana production and cultivation facility.

Investor Case Study: Investment Properties – Single Family Luxury Custom Homes

Chinese Investors favored the Southern California region, to identify land that could be utilized for the construction of Single-Family Luxury Custom homes as investment properties. Investment returns averaged over 35%.

Investor Case Study: Commercial Property Renovation

Investor owned an existing commercial property and was experiencing difficulties in retaining high occupancy rates due to the buildings age and condition.

Investor Case Study: Development of Municipal Solid Waste Strategy

The problem of municipal solid waste (MSW) in developing countries is a major concern. Rapid industrialization and population explosion have led to the migration of people from rural areas to cities, generating a lot of MSW on a daily basis and the amount of MSW is expected to increase significantly in the near future.
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