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Working on a referral basis only, since 2001 Rauch Construction has provided services to clients and its Associate Rauch companies, successfully delivering some of the most unique and challenging projects internationally across a diverse array of sectors with a total value of over 100 million dollars.

Our services are highly valued by foreign investors for our ability to provide program development, program management and advisory services for their projects.

We are committed to the development of long-term relationships with clients and strategic partners through the consistent delivery of excellence, the highest ethical and professional standards, trust, open communication, and mutual respect.

Innovative & Experienced

Rauch Construction is an innovative, experienced, and knowledge-based company that considers the success of our clients a direct reflection of our reliability and performance.

Like all of our Associated Companies, we adapt to the needs of each client by developing tailored solutions and approaches for each circumstance. Internationally diverse, we provide a deeper perspective on projects by combining international experience with local knowledge, which are critical components of sound project strategies, risk management and risk avoidance.


We share a core vision with all Rauch Associate Companies. As a diverse international company, we constantly strive to make a positive difference. Rauch Construction believes in the power of the harnessing of human inspiration, collaboration, and innovation from across the globe, to create and deliver opportunities that positively impact society and the world around us. This is the common vision, thread and sense of purpose which connects all of Associate Companies under one banner and into a cohesive and integrated platform that delivers Rauch’s vision.

SME’s / Social Investment / Workforce Development

Small to Medium Size Enterprises (SME’s) Diversity & Opportunity

It is the policy of Rauch Construction that SME’s, including U.S. domestic veteran and service-disable veteran owned, disadvantaged, and women-owned small business concerns, shall have the maximum practical opportunity to compete for the procurement of goods and services. This policy shall extend to similar classifications internationally.

Social Investment

Localized social investment and the creation and maintenance of good-will throughout the world are mandates of Rauch Construction. Therefore, we utilize local assets and resources on projects whenever possible. Alliances with local governments and industries provide support, personnel and materials enabling us to execute efficiently and effectively in virtually and region or community in any country.


It is Rauch Construction’s policy to support the concept of the Workforce Development Boards, both domestically and internationally, their vision for an improved workforce and their program of work. These entities are well positioned to facilitate the involvement of private sector members, local educational institutions, and public agencies.

Statements of Policy

Rauch Construction Statements of Policy have been updated and prepared by its Policy Advisory Board and were approved by its Board of Directors in 2021.

These statements, which all Rauch Associate companies adhere to, express the values and positions of Rauch Construction on a wide range of issues involving the policy topics. These positions are not immutable given that circumstances, technology, and societal values can and do change.

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